May 2, 2018 by Randhir Singh Ji Bhinder

We Believe in Everyone’s Dream .
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Here at Dronacharya College we believe that everyone has their own dream and as a Educational Institution we need to understand those and help them in every aspect not only in Academic to achieve it.

We Focus on Overall Development
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We believe that student need overall development to achieve his or her goals with academic.

Positive Environment and Highly Qualified Faculty
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Environment is also affect the performance of student so here in Dronacharya we also focus to Make positive auro.

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NCC Available We focused on spirit of Nation through NCC and moral values such as selfless service, honestly & its importance is touched upon, which helps in making a person not only physic ally strong but also mentally stable.

Highly Qualified FacultyTo serve the best you need best and that we have, our all faculty is highly qualified and and Educated in their respective fields and we are proud of it that we have the best out of best to serve our society.

Digital ZoneDigitization is also important in this era as we seen how fast digital area is growing so here we provide all digital facilities to our student such as WI-FI Campus, Digital Library and Smart Classes etc..

About Dronacharya College

Dronacharya College is a leading Educational Institution and we are glad with our growth rate. At Dronacharya College we Focus on overall development of student to groom their future. We think that with Academic knowledge a person also need some other important thing to grow and to reach success so here we setup environment like our student can get all essential knowledge with Academic and make their future bright.

Dronacharya College provide courses include B.Sec, BCA,, BBA, BA and continuously we are looking to increase our courses with quality standard to serve this society.







Courses We Offer